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Welcome to Jollywood Productions

At Jollywood we strive to make affordable, high-quality children's products with our customer's satisfaction always in mind. Founded in 1991 and over 50,000 name puzzle stools later, Deborah and I still enjoy going out to our backyard workshop.

Everything you see on our site is truly handmade. Unlike most companies who make similar products, we don't use any computerized machinery.

For our name stools, we use only top quality, laminated Baltic birch, chosen for its beauty, stability and character. All the letters for our personalized puzzle stools are cut on a scroll saw and hand painted with non-toxic, environmentally friendly paints.

You can be confident that when you give a Jollywood product, you'll be giving a unique, high-quality gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Michael & Deborah Forman, Jollywood
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Produced by:
Michael & Deborah Forman
Phone: 519-846-9079